What is CrossFit

CrossFit makes people stronger and more capable than they thought possible. 

You learn to do everything from lifting weights to gymnastics and you become a very well-rounded athlete.  

“What Is CrossFit” becomes really unique when it comes to how you experience a class with other people. This is where the magic happens!

What is CrossFit class like?

In a CrossFit class, you will be coached to do functional exercises that make your whole body stronger, your core tighter, improve your endurance and mobility.

The magic is the small size of class and the skilled coaching, not just yelling at you. Also, other members have the same goals as you, encouraging you, and everyone working together to be better. 

What if I can’t do something?

With our 13+ years of experience, we always find a way to modify a movement or change a workout plan for our members. 

8 Week Beginner Challenge

Jump Start is our new member 8-week preparation program. Class size is so small it is practically personal training. It is a great workout that is balanced and tough. You will improve everything.

You’ll be with other beginners. You don’t need any fitness experience. You just need to work hard, support your classmates, and finish what you started. 

Once you are ready, you will graduate to our Intermediate classes. 

201 Intermediate Classes

201 Intermediate Fitness classes are an increased challenge to Jump Start classes.