We Believe

You can and should have pain free movement. You can sprint from A to B and run from A to Z. You can lift heavy things and lift your own body. You look forward to learning new physical skills.

You can sleep 8+ hours a night. You sit less and move more. You go outside in the sun and eat natural food without obsessing about dietary minutiae. This lifestyle will restore your metabolism and you lose weight gradually.

You know fitness short cuts lead to dead ends. You are motivated to make a fitness practice that will persist throughout your life.

Our members say we are strong nerds

After 10+ years of business and experience, you develop an identity.

If CrossFit Portland was a person, they would be in their late 30’s to late 40’s and love to coach health and physical training. One way to describe him or her is a strong nerd.

The “nerd” is apparent and obvious from conversations. They are deliberate when it comes to CrossFit training. They place importance on knowledge, evidence, and tested methods. They want to understand the mechanism for unanswered questions and effect in fitness.

As a coach, they are the type who pushes you outside your comfort zone and you learn and do something for the first time. The consistent push for your best can be tough and a pain in the ass…but in a necessary and begrudgingly good way.

As much as they challenge, you still feel safe and never pressured. They will think of ways for you to succeed and built confidence even though you don’t see it yet.