Your personal goals are worth achieving

We believe personal training is best way to achieve specific goals.

Personal training takes into account your strengths & weaknesses, your ability to adapt, recover, learn new skills, and your schedule.

You can do personal training at CrossFit Portland or you can train remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Traditional Personal Training

1-on-1 or a small private group. You will have undivided attention and be guided through a customized session. Get feedback in the moment so that each training session is maximumly effective.

In your first session, you go through an initial assessment that includes tests for strength, mobility, and conditioning.

Training is changed based on your results so that the program is always suited to your current fitness level. There is an ongoing dialogue with your coach where you can receive feedback on technique, nutrition, and day to day training concerns.

Individual Program Design

If you love a well constructed plan, want scheduling flexibility, and can train by yourself, this program is perfect for you.

Individual program design can be for members at the gym and anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

After you go through an initial assessment, you are sent your purposeful training plan online. You follow the plan and update your coach with the results of each session.

Through video, email, and face-to-face contact, your coach provides you with the cues, corrections, and advice on how to best perform each movement and training session.

Our coaches

Our coaches have different personal interests in the field of strength and fitness. You can find out more about each of them.