We Are Not Your First CrossFit Box

If you are an experienced CrossFitter moving to Portland, here is what you might want to know.

Most importantly, our Community is built from working hard together towards achieving new levels of strength and capability.

Everyday is not a PR day.

Programming For Reality

  • We account for the reality that all members come to the gym on different weekday schedules.
  • Programming is focused on specific goals for 6-8 weeks.
  • MTuWF are skill & strength development days. 
  • MTuWF are also Back Up days. See the graphic below to visualize the training model. 
  • This maximizes our members’ opportunities, no matter their schedule, to benefit from the goals of our programming.

Strength + Metcon

  • Strength+Metcon everyday is a narrow approach and reduces your opportunity for better recovery and improvement.
  • Focused, Structured, Intentional Progressions to break through plateaus.
  • Develop strength and mobility through the body through Functional BodyBuilding techniques.
  • Programming for scheduling reality  

No Filler

  • Our members are not interested in doing 1000 burpees because it sounds like a crusher.
  • They have fun socializing, seeing their technique improve, seeing their hard work payoff with more strength and capabilities.
“I started CrossFit Portland in 2005. I have found over the years that experienced CrossFitters looking for a different and non-traditional approach to functional fitness will thrive here.

Send an email to info@crossfitportland.com or give us a call 503-939-4839 if you want to learn more.” Scott Hagnas, Founder