9 Comments on “Xmas Workout”

  1. Sweet! I’m there… We should bring a camera so we can document Aaron’s 3 muscle-ups in a row!

  2. Oh man, I want to do 3 muscle-ups in a row. I’m in Denver right now, climbing is going well, I’m feeling strong. I miss you all.

  3. I will be there, for sure! And so will my mom, she is visiting and will come in Monday morning.

  4. 100 burpees this morning – legs still tired!!!

    7:51 but form started to look ugly at the end.

  5. 9:40 for me, I think.

    That was fun, you should have stayed for hooverball, Nichole!

    I managed two more muscle-ups after all of that too. W00t.

  6. Thanks to everyone who came out!

    Nathan – 9:27′
    Kelley – 10:09′
    Sue – 13:08′
    Nichole- 7:51′
    Aaron – 9:36′
    Jen – 13:47′
    Mary – 20:00′

    Happy New Year!

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