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3/1/2010 WOD

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6 sets ea. for form!!  Rest as needed b/t sets.
A1)  Deadlift x 5
A2)  HSPU x 5

B) 4 rounds:
Sprint row 150m
15 pushups, QUICK!  Scale appropriately

Mobility Focus

In side room:
3 rounds:
1 trip Horse walk
90/90 hip stretch
5/5 shinbox switches

5/5 cossack squat switches
20 spinal rocks

Next up for the Who’s Who we have Lael. Lael was working out with us back when we were at the Academy of Kung Fu over in the Southeast part of town. This location was conveniently a block from her house, and Lael showed her love of Crossfit when she continued to train with us after we moved across town. She is one of our most dedicated members, continually chipping away at her goals, as is evidenced by her 9 month gestational pull up.

Lael and her family will be moving to Sitka, Alaska for a year in June so her husband can complete an internship.  We are all going to miss her, but are glad that she plans to return to Portland. If anyone has lived in Sitka, knows anyone that lives there, or has any advice in general on that part of Alaska Lael would welcome any tips or information.

How were you introduced to Crossfit?

It used to be right by my house at the Academy of Kung Fu, and my husband did kung fu there. I would also sometimes see people doing crazy stuff and think “hmmmm.”

Favorite WOD/lift:
Oooh, I like all the barbell lifts that don’t involve squats, and any WOD I can actually do prescribed.

I have always wanted to

go on a really long train or boat ride with luxury accommodations.

1 word people use to describe me:


Outside of the gym I like to

sleep, eat, cook, backpack, make things, bike, pet cats, have parties, read, garden, swim, play with friends . . . the usual.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:

I love Martha Stewart.

Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit:

You mean besides sex?

Favorite place to eat in Portland:

Pok Pok

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout:
anything by Wheezer

Proudest accomplishment:
my little dude, Seamus

Well, XX thought that was fun. How about you?

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