Who’s Who: Jake

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2/24/2010 WOD Post time/load to comments

4 rounds:
Bear crawl 4 trips
2 rope climbs
200m sandbag carry @ 1/2 BW

Stretch Mobility Focus

1-2 rounds:
Pullover stretch x10 + 10 sec hold
Active shoulder lift x10 + 10 sec hold
Down dog shoulder stretch x 30 sec

Next up in the Whos Who we have Jake.  You may know Jake as the guy who leaves a lake of sweat on the floor after a hard WOD, and he often parks his truck outside with his bulldog Mingus inside.

How were you introduced to Crossfit?: My wife and I actually went through that “as seen on tv” fitness program called P90x..it was pretty cool and I got some good results but I got bored after a while…someone at work said they heard of this fitness program called crossfit …and said it was putting some marines in the hospital…I called Xi Xia the next day and did baseline.

Favorite WOD/lift: anything but fran…God I hate her..

I have always wanted to: I’ve got a huge bucket list of stuff to do..cliche kinds of stuff…having ripped abs is right up there

1 word people use to describe me: Determined

Outside of the gym I like to: Go out on the town with my wife, drink beer with buddies, hang with my dogs, work in the yard.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know: about me: I had cat scratch fever when I was 21…the most sick I’ve been inmy life..no joke..its not just a song…a cat scratched me…I developed a big abscess the size of a softball in my armpit which exploded while I was in a big performance rehearsal…standing up playing a saxophone feature …gross.. but ….awesome! After that, I was always introduced to crowds as “Jake McLain…with his explosive saxophone playing” …oh yeah after that incident this one kid liked to put newspaper out under my chair in class…what a jerk…I think he’s a politician now..

Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit: downhill skiing, wakeboarding, working on my yard/house and walking my two dogs…hunting cats…relax I’m kidding ..I own a cat…but I don’t like it..

Favorite place to eat in Portland: many places but currently I’m having an affair with fire on the mtn

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout: I like working out to rage against the machine …but I don’t really listen to that kind of music much on my own…

Proudest accomplishment: I’m proud of a lot of things but mostly, I’m proud to be happily married to my wife Lisa, I’m proud of putting myself through school and receiving three degrees: BS Music, Masters in Education, BS nursing. I’m proud of being a professional jazz musician at one point in my life..haven’t been playing or teaching much these days though. I’m proud of quitting smoking over two years ago, losing thirty pounds or so and making physical health a priority in my life.

After the 9:15 class today (Wednesday), Paterson and Kaitlyn are going for a couples “Grace” off. Can it be as epic as Jay and Erin’s was?

Grace Off from CrossFit Portland on Vimeo.

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