Who’s Who: Eric M.

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How were you introduced to Crossfit?

I am friends with former Crossfit Portland members Cian and Mindy Montgomery. They pimped out their house into a mini Crossfit gym and I was unemployed so I was working out with them 2-3 times a week until I started work again. Shortly after I started work I needed knee surgery. Once I was healed and ready to start exercise again I joined the gym.

How Has Crossfit changed your life?

I have always been relatively active and done some sort of exercise, but Crossfit has enabled me to be ready for anything. When I was lifting weights I got completely gassed when I did any kind of running or cycling. When I was doing endurance sports I would be sore for a week if I did anything requiring strength. Now I’m ready for anything.

I have always wanted to:

For some crazy reason I have always wanted to run a marathon. I am always thinking about running my first one next year.

One word people use to describe me:

If you don’t know me probably quiet or shy. Once you know me, sarcastic.

What do you do for work and fun outside of Crossfit?

For work I’m an attorney specializing in bankruptcy. I spend most of my time at a desk or in court. Pretty boring.

Outside work I have been on an adult dodgeball team for the last 7 years. I have raced sailboats since I was a teenager, but in the Northwest that is limited to the summers. I try to travel with my wife whenever we can. I try to get out when I can for things like skiing, hiking, and biking. I also have a super active dog that keeps me busy.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me.

When I was younger I spent a lot more time training for sailing and won a national championship one year.

Song that gets me pumped for a workout:
I’m not even sure what it’s called, but a lot of what Xi Xia plays. Electronic stuff with lots of bass. Maybe it’s Trap or Dubstep?

Proudest Accomplishment:

My relationships with my family and friends. Also that I finally decided to grow up and get married this fall.

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