Who’s Who: Aumie

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Don’t forget about the Crossfit Total this Friday and Saturday. Find your max on the squat, press, and deadlift.

WOD 8/25/2010

Row 2000m. Every 2 minutes, you must stop to do 7 burpees.
Athletes go in heats.
While waiting, perform in any order:
30 GHD situps
35 Back Extensions
40 sec L-sits
45 sec total wall handstand

Cool Down

Standing DROM

For this next Who’s Who we have Aumie!

1: How were you introduced to Crossfit?: For most of my adult life I’ve been searching for new ways to push myself physically and mentally. I’ve dabbled in just about every physical hobby out there – cycling, rock climbing, martial arts, yoga, running, classic gym, etc, etc – even in combinations of cycling 15m a day + yoga + rock climbing, and was always left with a feeling that a certain element was missing. I think finding Crossfit was just a natural progression of my curiosity to better myself – and so far it feels like the right choice. I stumbled upon the exercise examples on the crossfit.com site one night while searching the web for variations of different exercises I do at home and for about the next year or so I used it as a very rough guide for my own workouts, and once I got comfortable with it I decided to give CrossfitPortland a shot at upping my game – so here I am!

2: Favorit WOD / Lift: Anything that involves bodyweight conditioning – muscle ups, pull ups, etc

3: I have always wanted to: shoot laser beams from my eyes

4: 1 word people use to describe me: sarcastic

5: Outside of the gym I like to: EAT! Hang out with my cats and girlfriend, bike, swim, take photos, dance, hike, travel, have adventures, and cause trouble – not necessarily in that order

6: Something no body knows about me or would be surprised to know about me: I’ll give you a few – choose your favorite: (Editor’s note: I decided to include them all.)
•    My first name is Amitabha (Ahh-Me-Tah-Bah), which is Buddhist – I lived from 0 to 6 yrs old in a Buddhist Ashram in Hawaii where my family lived in a one room hut with no power or running water. I took baths in a Soy Sauce bucket.
•    I have never drank, smoked, done drugs of any sort – ever.
•    I got a vasectomy about a month after I turned 25 (TMI?) and I’m proud of it. This is one of my ways of contributing to the global issue of over-population and dwindling resources.
•    I have been vegetarian for 13 years, and vegan for just about 8 years now. I laugh when people say that you can’t get all the nutrients you need from a vegan diet.
•    I am a total computer nerd. We have one of the top 20 fastest super computers in the world at my work (161 TFLOPS of computing power – 30,000 processors, 47TB of memory, 835TB of disk) and another one that’s in the top 40 – I grin like an idiot when I stand next to them.

7: Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit: Cycling (Zoobomb.net)

8: Favorite place to eat in Portland: Too many good places to have just one favorite – The food carts downtown, Portobello, Blossoming Lotus, Los Gorditos, Back to Eden, Sweetpea Bakery

9: Song that gets me pumped up for a workout: Most tracks by Killswitch Engage or 3 Inches of Blood

10: Proudest Accomplishment:  Not compromising my values to satisfy other people

12 Comments on “Who’s Who: Aumie”

  1. Aumie, do those computers keep us safe at night? Where are you in that matrix-like photo with the trampoline?

  2. It is always great woding with you ami! Sometimes you come in so ready to rock I know we are all going to have a good wod!

    From crossfit lindy today
    Filthy fifty
    It was awesome!!!!

  3. I love this who’s who, aumi — it is always great WODing with you at 6:30, I know that I definitely work harder just by bearing witness to your awesomeness. I have no idea what the computer lingo is all about, but I love your unabashed love. Is the top photo taken near said computer? I love the look on your face.

  4. Aumie, always legit to have you in class to make me feel silly about how bad I am at moving my own body weight.

  5. Ami/Aumie,

    That is definitely one of the coolest and most unique Who’s Who I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ve worked out with you since we were the only ones at the 7:30pm classes a few months ago, but I was always impressed at the intensity and good humor you brought to every workout. Keep it up!

  6. So how do we spell your name?

    Always a good time watching you crush the bodyweight stuff. And running into you at Los Gorditos.

    Row/Burpees: 10:53.9. I thought I was keeping a nice pace until 7 minutes in. And then it wasn’t such a good pace. And I cheated on the burpees – can’t clap over head.

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