Who’s Who: Audrey T!

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A. Clean (squat): 7 x 1, rest 90 sec-2 min
B. Front Squat: 3 x 5 @ 70%, rest 2 min
C. Toes to Bar: 3 x 15, rest 60 sec

3 Rounds:
Lunge-Reach Stretch x 10 + 10 sec hold
Pigeon Tilts (from lunge) x 10 + 10 sec hold

When done, finish with one set:
Active Kneeling Back Bends x 10 + 10 sec hold


How were you introduced to Crossfit?

Our good friend Pat Torrey was wearing a sweatshirt when he came to my house for a BBQ one summer day and couldn’t stop talking about how sore he was… I was intrigued…

Favorite WOD/lift:

Anything clean related and that doesn’t involve running

I have always wanted to

Raft some crazy river in another country

1 word people use to describe me:


Outside of the gym I like to

Search for wild mushrooms, walk my dog, garden, pretty much anything having to do with the outdoors.

Something nobody knows about me or would be surprised to know about me:

I love to knit and sew things for my friends.

Favorite physical activity outside of Crossfit:

Whitewater rafting & hiking, anything outside and non-motorized

Favorite place to eat in Portland:

Don’t really eat out much, Saburos or maybe Clays Smokehouse

Song that gets me pumped up for a workout:

Anything angry

Proudest accomplishment:

Having close relationships with my family and friends, I think the best is yet to come!


13 Comments on “Who’s Who: Audrey T!”

  1. yey Audrey! Really enjoyed getting to know you at the camp-out this year! you are awesome!

  2. Audrey,
    You where one of the first people I talked to out of on ramp over a year ago, I thought you where badass then, I think your badass now.
    We are going to get that horseback riding trip together soon!

  3. I love to work out with you sometimes mornings. You’re inspiring and awesome. “Rock you.”

  4. Clean: 135, 155, 165, 185, 195×3
    Front squat: 165
    t2b: 2rds unbroken/ 10+5 3rd round
    2k row: 7:33

  5. I’m still that sore Audrey! Anyone else? Hoping to see y’all a bunch this month. Gotta get this untrained, southern food soaked body ready for some trekking and rafting next month. Been missing Crossfit Portland peeps and the daily humbling. Cheers…

  6. I would also like to point out that in the picture of Audrey rafting, that she’s wearing a skirt. Serious fashion points for a river trip, but that’s kind of how Audrey rolls: bad ass tough on the river, with serious style in camp.

  7. Audrey,
    Great pics and write up! It was fun to work out with you this morning; you did great! 🙂 I love your smile at the gym each time I see you.

  8. Seriously?? You raft in a skirt?! I’m impressed 🙂 You are always fun to work out with. Classes end in two weeks so I will hopefully see you soon!

  9. nice whos who!

    squat cleans: 155/185/205/215/215/215/225#
    front squats: 215#

  10. Hooray for Audrey! Rafting in a skirt and mushrooms.

    Cleans – 135/135/135/145/145/145/155
    FS – 165
    T2b – 3 rounds unbroken.

    3×3 120kg back squat
    3×1 140kg back squat

    I’m not rowing until both Mike and J row.

  11. Audrey, cool pix! You were in the bunch of the first CF people I ever met. I always loved seeing you come to class with your big smile! – Karen

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