Heart Colors

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REMINDER: In preparation for the move, please start to take your belongings home with you. This includes lost and found, WOD books, water bottles, and any other odds and ends. When the move happens (hopefully the 19th or 26th) we will donate anything left behind to Goodwill. Did I mention that includes water bottles?

1) 3 min joint mobility
2) 2 rounds:
Bootstrappers x 10 + 10 sec
Bench Pigeon x 10 + 10 sec
Sampson Lunges x 10/10

A. Deadlift: work up to a heavy triple, not 3RM.
4 rounds:
12 Deadlifts @ 65% of today’s 3 rep weight.
rest 30 sec
AMRAP Situps in 60 sec
rest 1 min

3 rounds:
Spinal Rocks x 15
Seated Twist x 3/3

Thank you so much to everyone that came on Sunday to help us paint the new gym! You’ve left a permanent mark on CrossFit Portland 🙂 Nice work everyone and it is better than I could have ever imagined.

Top Ten must have badass home tool, a scissor lift.

The new pullup structure has been delivered

Proper fueling for performance painting

6 Comments on “Heart Colors”

  1. Did anyone paint a giant mural of Pukie the Clown?

    Also, Brad has a piece of face on his turkey…

  2. Exciting! Thank you to the painters from those of us who couldn’t be there, too. It looks great!

  3. Oooo, the pics look good. I am excited to come check out the new place.

    I like the new look Brad… Very primal.

  4. I’m exciting to come look out the new place soon and will see CFPDX friends again.

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