What Is Precision Nutrition Coaching?

Xi XiaNutrition

Some of you might be asking what is Precision Nutrition coaching, what is and why are we going to offer Pro Coach access at the gym?

Precision Nutrition Coaching is designed with collaboration in mind. The coaching model that they teach is based on years of experience (meaning success and failure) in the fitness and nutrition coaching world. A coach with the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification has been guided to a client focused coaching style. The idea is that the coach takes on the role of an knowledgeable guide. A guide that is there to help you find your path, to work with you and help you find your solutions to challenges, and to provide structure and a behavior focused mindset.

I’ve found this client focused mindset to fall neatly in line with how we’ve been presenting nutrition guidance here. Scott’s “Lose Weight Once” article series is a great place to start if you’re curious about what this is (Hint, it’s changing your behavior to a long term, sustainable series of actions).

With the Precision Nutrition Coaching Model we have a proven method and model of enabling long term success. with the Pro coach software we have a well thought out tool that gives us the ability to deliver that coaching advice.

The Precision Nutrition Coaching model is based on the idea that small, consistent success that are rooted in changes in behavior can lead to more of a long term positive outcome

The Pro Coach tool is a means to that end.

I’ll be sending out more information on Friday with details about how Pro Coach works, and how we’ll be using it as an integrated tool.