What Does Kenai Mean?

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You may have noticed in some recent chatter on Facebook, Twitter, and coming from the upstairs lounge about Sockeye this, Kenai that.

What’s it all about, you ask? It’s all helping the membership at CrossFit Portland find some of the best nutritional resources available.

We carry Sockeye Salmon from the Kenai Red Fish Company at the gym. It’s up in the freezer, with the awesome Neiffer Ranch meats. The Sockeye is $13.00 a pound, in .75-1.25 pound filet servings. If you want to buy 25 lb shares ($295, $11.80/lb) contact Madoc via email or cell.

Why Kenai Red Fish Company? Clint Benson, the founder and proprietor of the company, approached us a couple of months ago with the idea of CrossFit Portland joining and supporting a Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

Similar in concept to Community Supported Agriculture, the vision of a CSF is to provide a direct line of high quality fish from the fisherman to the community being served.

The goal is to build community and support a sustainable fishery.

The Sockeye Salmon Fishery in the Cook Inlet where Clint fishes is Marine Stewardship Certified Sustainable. The fish in our freezer is some of the first caught this year from the Cook Inlet, and we expect another shipment to the gym within the next few weeks. People who purchase shares can expect their fish to show up with Clint in mid-August.

So check out the fish in the freezer. Look up Clint and the Kenai Red Fish Company on Facebook, Twitter, or on their website.

Clint has a GoPro camera with him, and is planning on making updates from Homer and the boat on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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