What Do You Think About Protein Powder?


I often get the question “what do you think about protein powders?” As always, the answer is “it depends” – that is, it’s dependent on a variety of factors, including your goals. Let’s look at some of these:

1) Is it a good quality protein powder? Not all are created equal. Quality whey protein has a high concentrate of the amino acid leucine, which has been shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis. (grow or preserve muscle mass)

2) Do you have trouble eating enough protein (Here is how much I suggest)? Whole food sources are the best, but if you find it difficult to get enough protein, supplementing with protein powder can make it easier. The eventual goal should be to balance your life so that taking time to eat enough isn’t a challenge.

3) Do you have poor digestion or are you under a lot of stress? Meat is one of the more difficult things for your body to digest. It should have no problem doing so, but the truth is many people’s digestive systems today are struggling.

Protein powders, by their nature, are already partially digested, so they can take some of the load off of your body while it heals.

4) Are you a serious athlete who needs to recover quickly between sessions? If you have serious athletic goals and train nearly every day, or more than once per day, then maximizing your recovery becomes very important. Quickly digesting whey can start this process faster so your body is ready for the next session.

If you train recreationally or for health reasons, then you needn’t worry about this. The 3-day-per-week trainee will easily recover enough between sessions eating whole foods.

5) Are you looking to gain muscle mass? As anyone who has eaten to put on weight can tell you, it’s quite difficult to consistently over eat day in and day out. Easily digested protein powders can make the process a little easier, plus help maximize recovery for the next workout.

We offer Stronger Faster Healthier protein powders at the gym. The whey comes from grass-fed cows and has a high concentrate of leucine.

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