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Our next benchmark test is next week and here is a sneak peak on some of the movements – kettlebell swings, box jumps, and burpees. Scott has put them together in a simple and unique way that brings a smile to my face just thinking about đŸ™‚

Next week, the official test days are Monday and Saturday. Of course, if you can’t make those days, you should perform the test sometime next week.

Scott will be sending a guide for tapering before benchmark tests. Tapering is adjusting training frequency, intensity, and volume before an important event to achieve optimum results.

Everyone can benefit from the knowledge and the process of tapering. For advanced athletes, it is essential you approach an event/test rested, sharp, and excited to perform.

Members, look for Scott’s Tapering article in your inboxes later today. Part III of the three part series of “Carbs, Curls, and Cardio” will be delivered to you next week!

Warm Up

1) Jump rope – 4-5 min; complete or attempt 60 crossovers
2) Heel/Toe walk (squat) 20 steps
Heel/Toe Walk (good morning) 20 steps
Caricoa: 3 x 1 trip down and back


50 steps each: Blade, Heel, and Instep walks
Death Stretch focus


Run tech work:
Wall lean drill
Wall Heel Pull
Back to wall heel pull

5 rounds for time of:
35 Double Unders
Run 200 m

7 Comments on “Taper For High Performance”

  1. I was jealous of PACT last night, so much upper body work, so little time, way to kick ass PACT’ers.

    Plus, 630pm 201 last night layed some serious smack down on the prowler’s candy ass, especially Katie! Cheers to not walking right today.

    Last, Jess recently noticed something about the new mural, which is fantastic. Add the phrase “in bed” to a variety of the words from the mural. It’s worth a geeky crossfit smirk at the least.

  2. Thanks Brad!

    The prowler + the rubber mats had a good time munching on the bottom of my shoe. Shoe schrapnel! Watch out!

    Glad I survived that ass kicking!

  3. Way to run out of your shoe Katie!
    5:30 and 6:30 tonight crushed the workout, and 101 at 7:30 had some pretty good snatch work. Welcome to the Olympic lift confusion, 101!

  4. 10:05 Rx, then I went outside and Rx’d some more. Carls Jr was an exceptionally bad choice for lunch today…

    Jake was a beast at 4:30- he was doing triple unders for the WOD!

  5. I think we need a designated “rx” spot, so that those of use that park along Flanders don’t have to worry too much about where people have yelled groceries.

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