USA Weightlifting 2009 Roger DeGarmo Memorial Qualifier

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Erin, thanks for bring this weightlifting meet to our attention! Can’t wait for the live webcast to kick off at 9:30 AM MT. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had an O-Lifting gym challenge in the near future 🙂

“There is a Weightlifting meet this weekend,the Rodger DeGarmo Memorial/World Team Second Qualifier in Denver, CO. If you’re not doing anything this weekend – or awake early and bored and have an interest, they are webcasting it. It’s neat to see how a meet works or just some good lifting. The event starts with the lowest Snatch and progresses to heavier weights then the bar is reset with the lowest weight for the Clean& Jerk portion. Each athlete has three attempts at each lift. Seventy-two athletes are scheduled to compete at the event, including 2008 Olympian Kendrick Farris. Athletes will be competing in 16 weight divisions for the opportunity to represent Team USA at the 2009 World Championships, which will be held Nov. 17-27 in Goyang City, Korea. “

Live Webcast, click here!

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