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I received one of those emails yesterday that just make your day as a coach.

Sean Dailey trained at CFPDX to pass the P.A.S.T and get into the USAF Pararescue pipeline. He started in group classes and then chose to do individual programming with me to hone in on his goals.

He dropped me a line yesterday about the Indoctrination Course and I want to congratulate him on his success!

Hey Scott,

I thought I’d check in with you guys at this important milestone for me. I conquered the Indoctrination course of the USAF Pararescue pipeline (which boasts the highest attrition rate for any military job)!! It was an agonizing process, full of heinous workouts and mental challenges. I just wanted to give my emphatic thanks to everyone at Crossfit Pdx for helping me train hard before shipping off. I was never the strongest, nor the fastest, however I found that what I poured in everyday at the gym helped me mentally overcome some huge obstacles. I thrived for those moments during workouts like Fran (and others) where you give everything you possibly have, and then keep pushing. You guys do an excellent job of finding what your weaknesses are, and tailor workouts necessary to make them your strengths. I worked my ass off, and so far its paid off.

After 9 weeks of training with no rest and poor nutrition, monday was my final evaluation. It stood as follows, the numbers in parenthesis are the standard, the number after is my scores:

6 mile run – (44:06) 41:35
2 minutes of
pull ups – (13) 22
sit ups – (75) 90
push ups – (70) 80
3000 meter fin – (60:00) 59:00
and then some heinous water confidence activities >:]

So its on to the pipeline for me. I go to Florida next to go through the Combat Scuba Diver program in Panama city. Once again, thank you Crossfit PDX for all of your help. I can’t recommend you guys enough.

-Sean D.

P.S- I totally got my wife to drink the xfit Koolaid =)


  1. Sean, very cool real life stuff. Thanks for sharing. I really see how our little mini excursions into pain and endurance help nurture the “no quit” mentality.

  2. Sean is also being modest and not mentioning that he won the Commandant’s Award for being number one in his class.

  3. Congrats on passing indoc! Best of luck in Florida w/ combat diving and future training.
    Fly! Fight! Win!

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