Travis’s “Buff Factory” Diary

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Have you noticed the little picture of Travis over on the announcements and events column of our blog?

Travis has seen his abilities, strength, and stamina all increase at CrossFit Portland. He has also reduced his body mass 15+ lbs. We haven’t tweaked his diet until now. Travis is transitioning into a more natural, paleo diet and he has agreed to make his experience public.

Click on the picture of Travis to see his food log as it updates daily and support him in this transition!

9 Comments on “Travis’s “Buff Factory” Diary”

  1. Go Travis! You should have some chicken crust pizza for one of your meals, and don’t forget to invite Jay over when you have it. He’s been dying to try it. Yum!
    (Seriously, it may not be pizza but it’s yummy.)

  2. I vote for before and after shots in a speedo.

    Good work man. I was looking at your diet log, looks pretty clean. I need to check out those curry chicken fingers you keep eating.


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  4. Trav,

    Check this, you could create a whole line of “buff” recipes and products after all this. You could call them awesome names like, “Buffwraps”, “Buffprotiensticks”, “TravCakes”, “TravCurryFingers”, etc.

    I think we might be on to something here.

    Nice work brotha,

  5. Yay, Travis!
    That picture is awesome.
    Looks like you’re doin’ pretty well!
    Nice job.

  6. Yay, Travis!
    That picture is awesome.
    Looks like you’re doin’ pretty well!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hahaha. How funny is that picture? I look like such a prick. If you didn’t know me and stumbled onto this site, what would your first thought be?

    I know what mine would be. I am a great poster child.

    Katie, tell me more about this chicken pizza crust you speak of…sounds unnatural but surprisingly delicious.

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