Touched by Tabata

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Five people in the morning and 15 in the evening were touched by Tabata. For those not familiar, the Tabata Protocol requires 8 rounds of 20 seconds maximal effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. It turns out to be a very potent 4 minutes!

We completed Tabata intervals for five different exercises and took our lowest set of reps as our score. Don’t say that Rochelle and I were mean though, because we gave one minute of rest between each exercise!

Timing yourself doing Tabata workouts is a serious pain, so here’s an mp3 to make it easier. After a brief 10 second into, it starts with 8 rounds of 20 seconds of music, and 10 seconds of rest. Load this into your iPod and put it on repeat. Jump rope, run, do burpees, do whatever as hard as you can when you hear the music. Rest when it is silent. Relive the joys of this workout over and over again at home!

Touched by Tabata -mp3

3 Comments on “Touched by Tabata”

  1. My glutes and aductors (sp?) were killing me on Sunday! I looked like a weird cross between an old lady and a pregnant lady trying to walk myself around the grocery store.

    Best work out! Yay Tabatas! Yay Aaron! I’ll tabata anytime, please and thank you.

  2. Great workout aaron. It was a fun one, and its cool that recovery time is pretty quick after completion.

    Wondering: does anyone know a good online food/excercise log? I’ve been checking out but i’m not sure that I like how it works. email me at if you have any good ideas.


  3. With regard to your Tabata protocol and timing the tabata protocal, I should like to make a shameless plug:

    I have a tabata protocol soundtrack mp3 generator here:
    It can do classic tabata protocol (8x 20s on, 10s rest), or any variant that you choose. You can then mix that mp3 with any other MP3 that you like using Audacity.

    – Ross

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