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Make up yesterday’s squats if you missed them.

A. Weighted supinated chin-ups x 1-1-1-1-1; @ 20X0, rest 2:30′
Find your max.
B1. Pullover Stretch: 3 x 10 + 10 sec hold last rep, rest 30 sec
B2. KB Arm Bar: 3 x 5/5, rest 30 sec
B3. Active PVC Lift: 3 x 10 + 10 sec hold last rep, rest 30 sec
C. DB External Rotations: 3 x 8-10 @ 3010, rest 60 sec
D. Side Planks; amsap x 3/side; rest 10 sec b/t sides

Mobility is built into the workout today.

Jenn, I came in this morning and saw this great news on the board! A pullup with +5 lbs over your bodyweight. Nice work! Cory, 88 is not too shabby either 🙂

3 of them…exciting

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  1. Weighted, strict deadhang chin-ups – maxed at 53, failed attempts at 84 and 60something.
    Pullovers with 5lbs
    KB arm bar with 53lbs
    External rotations with 15lbs, 3×8
    Sideplanks, 2minutes each side.
    Active PVC lift? wasn’t up on the board this AM… Good thing I have a PVC pipe at my office now.

  2. To anyone who wasn’t in the 6:30am class, you missed all the comedy stylings of Jenn West. The earlier the class, the less of a filter there is…

    Madoc- those are sick times for your side plank. Well done!

  3. We missed Brent’s fine accomplishment this morning of doing at least 53# above his BW. I think a mobility “workout” gives me too much time to be silly.

  4. Cory, my times on the sideplank aren’t all that, Elisa posted 5 seconds longer (I think just to show off).

    No, the real test would have been a full, arm extended side plank. I think I probably could go for 30 seconds if I had to support on an extended arm.

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