To Training Bruises And Shake Weights

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More of these in the New Year

Less of these

A. Deadlift: work up to a heavy single with perfect form. Lifts done with poor form do not count!!
The Burpee-Wall Ball Challenge

Teams of two will play five two-minute rounds for max reps of:
Wall Ball Toss and Burpee
(Teammates will stand shoulder-to-shoulder. One partner will perform a wall ball toss off the wall to their partner and immediately perform one burpee. Teams will repeat for as many reps as possible, counting only those reps in which the ball clears the 10-foot target and is caught before touching the ground. There will be a two-minute rest period between each of the five rounds.)

From CF Invictus

Have a Happy and Safe New Year Everyone!!!

3 Comments on “To Training Bruises And Shake Weights”

  1. Hau’oli Malikiki Hou to all of CFPDX families!! More stronger & healthier in 2011.

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