The Good Ol’ Days

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Last week, Scott Hagnas taught the competition class on Friday evening. The competition class had just started last week so this was the 2nd time everyone was meeting. It had the same people from the first class and also attracted a new member to try it.

FYI, its open to anyone interested at anytime, just sign up online.

As I watched the competition class finish and debrief in the cool down. A moment of nostalgia struck me from when I first started at CrossFit Portland with Scott Hagnas back in 2007.

2007, no one knew what CrossFit was and there was just one gym at the time, CrossFit Portland. Every member knew everyone else. It was so small we saw each other practically every time we trained (5 classes a week versus 40 classes now). It was a very special community and a special time.

I’ve talked about how this community is formed before in the past. In my opinion, it takes your training experience to a whole new level.

Seeing the competition class brought back great memories of the past – how a small consistent group of members will train regularly together and get to know each other. I see the potential for the competition class to have a very special experience!

Seeing the class also made me think about change. I don’t like change and since 2007, CrossFit Portland has changed. Enduring through all the changes, I’ve come to accept change is inevitable and almost always its been for the better.

And if you wait long enough, changes take you all the way back to the beginning again.

CrossFit Portland at Academy of Kung Fu, 2007

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