The Get Up, The Windmill, and Your Shoulder Health

Xi XiaNews

If you review the 201 class programming over the past year so, you
might notice a bit of a trend (actually, several trends like it is far from random, consistent themes every 8-12 weeks, workouts that repeat and build every week).

One of the things that has been repeated and repeated has been the Kettlebell
Windmill movement. You’ve seen lightweight versions of it in the
warmups, and you’ve seen heavyweight versions of it in the WODs. Every
once in a while, it sneaks into the cooldowns.

The primary reason is that, executed as we coach the movemnt, it
forces you to take your shoulder through a large range of motion. The
heavier the weight, the cleaner and more controlled your movement
needs to be.

It’s also movement prep. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.
Every warmup sequence for a primary day is structured to get you ready
for the movements in the WOD, or to help you recover from a previous

The Kettlebell Windmill helps you get your shoulders, torso, and
hips ready for complex movements. With a moderate load, the movement
can help you warm and improve the lubricity of your large ball and
socket joints, remind you that you have muscles in your torso/core
that need to work, and help cement in a movement pattern beyond the

What pattern is that? Part of our assessment for Yoked Like a Gymnast
1.A is the Turkish Getup. Visualize your getup. Now, superimpose your
KB Windmill. Got it? If not, here’s a video.