The Frog Stand

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Frog StandThe Frog Stand is an entry level gymnastic skill. A good exercise by itself, as it develops wrist strength, static strength in the shoulder girdle, core activation, and balance. However, the Frog Stand also serves as a developmental exercise toward several other skills including handstands and planches. Watch this blog for some variations and skills that develop out of the Frog Stand.

5 Comments on “The Frog Stand”

  1. I have a hard time with this movement and can’t seem to get stable. Where should my hands be placed for this position?

  2. Nichole,

    I generally put my hand about 1.5′ in front of my feet, and about as far apart as my feet are. Have you tried tucking your elbows into where your knee bends?

  3. I just did a frog stand thanks to you Aaron! I tried tucking my elbows into where my knees bend and it worked! Thanks so much, next step is kicking into a handstand – but that might take me a bit longer to accomplish!

  4. Nice work, Nichole. The key is to have your elbows bent enough to provide support for your knees. After you build strength and stability in this position, then work to lessen the assistance from your elbows by working toward a straight armed frog stand.

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