The 15 challenge….

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1) Power Snatch + 2 OH squats + Hang Squat Snatch – 10 sets w/full rest between. Focus on technique and catching deep in the HSS!

2) OH Squat – Try for a heavy set of 15 unbroken reps. Take 2 attempts only.

4 sets hand bridge holds – 10-30 sec
Prone scorpions 5/5
Supine scorpions 1min/1min

With the Paleo challenge approaching, I thought I’d share this website that I recently found. Many new to eating Paleo eat excessive fruit to get their carb fix. This site provides a nice visual of how much sugar is in many common fruits by displaying equivalent cubes of table sugar. If you are not as insulin sensitive as you should be, this WILL block accessing and burning stored body fat.


Elisa weighted dip

Elisa knocking out the weighted dips.

Getting your breath!

In the eye of the storm. Getting your breathing under control to make the 30 second breath holds proved challenging. What strategy worked successfully for you?

Phil's 59th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Phil!! 59 years young and going strong.

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