Targeting, Targeting…

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Gave everyone a little taste of the Parkour seminar from last weekend on Wednesday. We practiced under bars and everyone really liked it! What’s not to like? It is fast, fun, and makes you want to practice jumping into an open window on the General Lee (Dukes of Hazard reference. Wiki it).

After that, some 85% 75 M sprints. Focus on form and able to run relaxed, ball of foot contacts, pulling through the ground, and knee drive.

Finally, targeted wall balls. Or, bar balls. Various bars as the target for the thrown up ball and the throw doesn’t count unless contact is made with the bar. Plus, can’t hit the bar too hard otherwise you get a nice a little rebound surprise. Precision here is key. Many missed throws and the concentration factor was way higher.

10 under bars
4 75 M 85% Sprints

Bar Balls
Ring Dips/Bar Dips

Pictures…they are coming!

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