Super Bowl, CrossFit style

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Super Bowl Sunday – get ready to sit on your haunches for 5+ hours and soak in 4 1/2 hours of commercials and 1/2 hour of athletic action. Lets make the evening a little more interesting, CrossFit style.

Once the party starts ( TV is on and anything Super Bowl related is on it), the “workout” starts. Non-crossfitting friends with you for the big game? What a great way to introduce them to a little CrossFit!

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For every beer commercial – 10 situps
For every fast food commercial – 10 squats
For every shot of excessive cleavage, commercial or game – 2 burpees
Every point scored – do a pistol squat
Every turnover – handstand push up

During halftime, if/when the Boss plays “Born In The USA”, hold in the plank for the whole song.

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