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September 1st is the last day to register for the camp out this weekend.

A. Hang Power Clean + Front Squat: 6 x (1+2)x3; rest 2 min
5 sets:
5 Paused Box Jumps for height
AMRAP Deadhang pullups
rest 2 min
3 min Airdyne for max RPM or Cals – a high level goal to shoot for is 90 cals or 150 units.


Prone pass-thrus x 10 w/5lbs
Active PVC Lift x 10+10sec hold
Narrow OHS 45/33 x 10+10sec hold
Do 2-3 circuts.

It was exciting to see the board on Friday and Saturday filled with new PRs for so many people! Many great moments of overcoming doubt, fear, and just getting animal with the barbell. Thoughts from the total this past week?

As usual, the Ido Portal workshops did not disappoint and shared with us simple, clear gems of training thoughts and ideas. We wished we could have dived deeper into the subjects! He is on a jet plane to other workshops in the country right now but he wanted to thank everyone for coming and bringing energy to the workshops. Also, Ido will probably be back at CrossFit Portland at the end of October! We will be hosting an Ido training camp that will dive into 1 or 2 topics much more deeply. This will be for those interested in taking their training past the surface and will be an in depth training week with Ido.

8 Comments on “Stronger, Smarter”

  1. The one seminar I went to Saturday morning was fantastic. How long will the training camp be?

    HPC+FS: 95/95/105/105/115/135
    Box Jumps: 31″/40″/42″/42″/40″
    PU: 12/10/11/8/5
    Airdyne: 56 cal

  2. HPC+FS: 65/70/70/70/70/70
    Box Jumps: med. box (under 20″)
    PU: 2/2/2/2/2 w/ small blue band
    Airdyne: 26 cal

    The airdyne kicked my butt today!

  3. HPC+FS: 95/95/105/105/115/135
    Box Jumps: 31″/38″/38″/38″/38″
    PU: 6/8/6/5/4
    Airdyne: 71 cal

  4. Sat – for time – hike 9.2 miles round trip, 2200 ft of elevation change – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – ~4 hours, caught in a hail/thunderstorm at the top but was a great hike.

    Monday – from Crossfit Polson, MT (small fitness center in golf course community)

    3 rounds for time:
    500M row
    50 push ups
    50 sit-ups (anchored)


  5. I enjoyed Ido’s wit and great knowledge. Thanks for hosting CFP and thanks Ido for traveling so far to share. – Karen

  6. HPC+FS: 115/115/135/155/155/165 (only got 4 squats on the last set)
    Box Jumps: 32″/32″/32″/32″/32″
    PU: 10/8/7/5/4
    Airdyne: 42 cal

  7. HPC+FS: 95/95/95/95/100/100
    Box Jumps: 20″/30″/30″/30″/31″
    PU: 2/3/2/2/2
    Airdyne: 65cal

  8. Eric Winn ,my grandfather lives in polson and I will be out there next week and need a box to WOD in but can’t find any in Polson. Where is this box?

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