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Task priority “Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds for total time:
20 wall balls – 20#/14# to 10 ft
20 SDLHP -75#/55#
20 box jumps – 20″
20 push press – 75#/55#
20 row cals
1 min rest

Doing this in 18 minutes means you would get a 300 score on FGB.


Seated hamstring stretch flow
straddle stretch, pass-thru
Prone scorpion

Last night was interesting. Luke fights and gets a muscle up like I’ve never seen before. I can’t believe it…what a fight Luke! George power bombs and squats 255 with impeccable form and he had plenty left in the tank for more. Aaron gets a 155 PR in the snatch even though he hasn’t snatched in months. Jenny, our Ultimate Frisbee gal, pulls 225 PR on her deadlift (over 1.5 BW now). Eric snatched 205 and that was just fun to watch. Nice work everyone.

training day from CrossFit Portland on Vimeo.

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