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From CrossFit Football

Perform 3 power cleans on the minute, for 12 minutes.
Use a heavy weight, at least 80% 1RM.
For each rep you fail, perform 5 pullups. “Pay” your pullup debt at the end of the workout.


2 Rounds:
10 spinal rocks; 10 sec plough position hold
10 pole presses; 10 sec hold where you feel the most resistance
10 wall slides

OMG – its HOT! In my heat dazed delirium, I’ve been standing in front of the fridge a lot. By happenstance, I had some coconut milk solidifying in a tupperware container and I added some frozen strawberries and blueberries to it. This has been the most delicious yogurtish-ice creamish in this heat!

Overhead Squat PR Night…who else got a PR?

Jay 255 (previous 245)
Cheema 165( previous 135)
Travis 185 (previous 165)
Des 103 (previous ?)
Jess 100 (previous 95)
Lara 95 x 3 solid (previous ?)
Monica 95 (previous ?)

More importantly, the “Man Cave” was claimed by Lara and Monica 🙂

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