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Remember those boxes from the super mario box jump workout? We stacked them up high for max height box jumps.

4 attempts at box jump heights. Score is the total of all successful attempts. After each attempt, do strict pull ups equal to 1/5 of the box jump height, round up. Also do sit-ups equal to the height of the box jumps.

Geoff hit the ceiling with a 44 1/2 inch box jump. That was quite a stack to jump onto at the end!

Desiree had the highest total score in the 6:30 class, staying consistent and making all her jumps. The boys will be boys and predictably double dared each other into missing high box jumps.

Desiree, solo mission for 31 inch box jump. She got it!

Mike is such a nice guy! Ladies, he is taken.

Travis – a brooding harlequin of sorts but also a nice guy. Have you read his food diary lately?

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