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Team Workout from Games 2010 , Two rounds for time of:

As a team, Run 400 meters together. Start box jumps when all members have finished the run.
15 Jumps over 24” Box (or step/crawl over)
15 Dumbbell squat cleans, 45/25 lb.
30 Double-unders or 100 single skips
15 Push-ups, hand must release from floor
15 GHD Sit-ups
30 yard Lunge

Can not go to next station until the person ahead is done. Time stops when all members of team have finished the lunges.

Make up the deadlifting if you missed it after the shenanigans above.

Here is an interesting factoid from the Olympic lifting seminar last weekend and it has nothing to do with lifting. Charles told us a story about being approached by an infomercial company to make and market a product. At first, I think Charles proposed his Escalating Density Training program to them. Super simple, requires a little thinking, effective. However, the infomercial production gurus told him the product must tell the consumer exactly what to do, no options or choices to make, just follow the steps. Also, the workout must be 6 minutes or less, the product must be able to fold and fit underneath a bed, and a person must be able to watch TV while using it. Yikes, now I know where all these useless fitness toys are coming from…like the Shake Weight.

The official Shake Weight commercial

6 Comments on “Shake It Up”

  1. Brock, Cory, Kristi, and Ben: 24:47
    Props to CFFV for finishing this in just over 16 minutes!

  2. That’s hilarious, Cory. Where’s Cheema? I’m sure he has something to say on this topic.

  3. Hmm.

    No matter how tired I am, no matter what my diet involves, no matter where I am traveling….

    I can always get in a good two to four minute Shake Weight work-out.

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