Setup Day

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We moved a lot of equipment today and started setting up the new place. If you can help out tomorrow, Friday, here is what we need!

1) There are a few light but big items left at the old place. If you got a truck, show up at Russell at 9 AM to help Rochelle load them up.

2) Or, we would appreciate a lot of able bodies at the new place to help with setup. This will be going on all day tomorrow so stop on by anytime.

Looking forward to Saturday morning!

2 Comments on “Setup Day”

  1. If one of the new GHDs falls apart under you, it isn’t my fault – it’ll be the one that I didn’t assemble.
    The new space looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it full of people

  2. Congrats on the new space…it is a fantastic room and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you on its first day of use…see you next saturday

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