Saturday 2/16/08: the DB pace line

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DB Pace Line1

An experimental group workout today. A DB pace line; one 14 person team. Last person runs to the front of the line, all others do reps. The line travels 400m, while doing push presses, DB deadlifts, hang snatches, and DB squats.
DB Pace Line2

Lots of reps! We went light for the first try at this one. Heavier weights next time!!

2 Comments on “Saturday 2/16/08: the DB pace line”

  1. that was a fun one. good xfit promo too!

    hey how does level 1 testing work? do you have occasional test days, or can we get in a check mark or two any time?

  2. i think you talked with XX about this yesterday, right? the goal is to get all of the things done within a month.

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