“Run With It” Training Block


The “Run With It” training block is going to go from the first week of April until the first week of July. In that time, we’re going to be working on your aerobic endurance and middle distance/time frame performance.

Proficiency means efficiency when it comes to motor patterns. The assessment might have pointed out some movement inefficiencies in your game.

Maybe your running form breaks down quickly. You might loose balance too easily while swinging the Kettlebell, or are still learning what the “hip hinge” actually means. If you don’t have a solid core, with good control of your shoulders and hips, you’ll work too hard on the bear crawl portion. If your timing and body position is off with the jump rope, you’ll wear out quickly.

Most people did not finish the 7 rounds under the 35 minute time cap. Your possible improvements over the next block of training will come from both improvement of technique as well as work capacity.

For those of you who did manage to finish all seven rounds, you’ll have to work harder to see an improvement – you’re likely fairly efficient and familiar with most of the movements. This means your adaptations during the block will come from improved aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

We’re going to be focusing on potential sources of inefficiency. The main theme throughout the block will be general athleticism, with a focus on improving how fleet you are. This will tie into your running. Balance, understanding the hip hinge at speed, and midline stability will play a part as well. We’re going to be challenging you with a broad range of movements, pacing strategies, and loading parameters in this next block of training.