Rolling Out Precision Nutrition Pro Coach Service

Xi XiaNutrition

We’re about to offer Precision Nutrition coaching services at the gym!

Madoc recently completed the Precision Nutrition level 1 coaching certification, and is putting the finishing touches on it before offering it to you.

What is Precision Nutrition? Madoc has an upcoming post all about it on Wednesday.

We’re excited to let you know that we’ll be rolling out access to the Precision Nutrition Pro Coach software in July. Pro coach is a nutrition coaching tool that we will use to help you find your healthful habits and integrate them.

Pro coach is an online system so all you need is internet access to start changing your habits and your body!

This service is $179/month for non-members. Current members save $140 and can opt-in at $39/month. We are also offering a significant discount to your friends and family so all of you can do it together!

Madoc’s quite excited about this and wanted to let everyone know what’s around the corner! Keep an eye out for more information. We’ll be sharing a bunch of information this Wednesday with the rundown on what Precison Nutrition & Pro coach is, how we’ll use it, and most importantly, who it’s for.