Push, Lots

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A1. Deadlift: 60%1RM x 3; 70% 1RM x 3; 80% 1RM x amrap.
Rest 2 min; perform @ 21X0 tempo. You must maintain tempo on amrap set!
A2. Close Grip Bench Press: 3 x 5-6 @ 30X0, rest 2 min
B. 3 rounds for time:
200m run
10 Ring Dips
20 Pushups
C. DB External Rotations: 3 x 8-10 @ 3010, rest 60 sec

Slow Sampson Lunges x 5/5, 10 sec hold each rep.
PVC Overhead Squats x 10, narrow grip, 10 sec hold @ bottom every rep.
Wall Slides x 5 @ 4141 tempo.

Which is your breakfast?

6 Comments on “Push, Lots”

  1. I think Jay just took the contents of the bowl and blended them up and is using the Starbucks cup as a disguise – and then intimidated it into tasting like coffee.

    DL: 240/280/320×10
    Close grip BP: 95/95/95
    WOD: 7:41
    External DB Rot: 10/12/12

  2. Both

    Been training at CF Pasadena the last few days, Jonny (owner) is a really nice guy and I’ve had some good workouts, I’d recommend dropping in if you’re in the area.

    Along with making up my presses from Wed, we hit this met-con yesterday that was right up my alley…

    3 rounds for time:
    10 Power Cleans – 135#
    25 double unders


  3. MMM, avocado/shrimp smoothie.

    DLs – 195/225/255×7
    Bench – 95×6/95×6/95×6
    Metcon – 9:57
    external DB rotation: 10×8/15×6/15×6

  4. Donny Shankle is the man! Some strong language in the video just in case kids or a boss is near.

  5. I hope people watched that Donny Shankle vid. I initially got into lifting from an academic perspective and got a Master’s in Sports medicine with minors in biomechanics and exercise physiology while coaching at U of O (including great athletes like Eric Winn). I was so nerdy I once did a 30 minute presentation on the biomechanics of the snatch and analyzed all the US olympic training center kinematic data… All that got me a snatch of 72 Kg.

    Years later I began competing and forgot about almost all that technical stuff and had a coach that was determined to just turn us into ass kickers. My experience- developing the guts to pull as hard on the bar as you can and then getting underneath it no mater the outcome or potential risk will get you much farther than thinking about “rebending the knees” or “keeping your shoulders in front of the bar”, or whatever else someone may coach us to do. If you go in to a workout thinking “I’m gonna put a big weight on the bar, pull on it as hard a possible, and then really try to get under it no matter how bad or scary it seems, and then I’m gonna do that again and again”, you will make way more progress than all the coaching in the world can get you. I know I’m wimpy now but that way of training earned me 25kg on the snatch and 45kg on the clean… the benefit of woking out is 80% psychological.

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