Precision Nutrition Pro Coach Starts Next Week

Xi XiaNutrition

We’re going to be starting the first cohort for Pro Coach at the gym next week!

We’re going to take up to 20 people in this first month. For everyone in the cohort, the first month will be at no charge, and we’ve got something special in mind on top of that. One person from the initial group of 20 will receive the whole year of coaching for free!

We’ll figure out who that person is going to be on Monday, June 11th. We’ll be using a trusty old random number generator in the form of a icosahedron – otherwise known as a twenty sided die. If you’re on Facebook, we’ll be doing a live cast of the roll.

The Precision Nutrition Pro Coach program is a year long commitment to day by day change. It’s designed to be persistent and with a long view. If finding your healthy weight is part of your wellness goal, it can definitely help.

You might have to change your thinking a bit, though. We won’t be counting calories, worrying about macros, or even necessarily tracking energy expenditure, even though weight management is ultimately about energy gained and energy expended. The focus for people using Pro Coach is establishing or re-establishing foundational habits that support health long term.

This is not to say that counting macros or tracking calories isn’t useful, but for basic wellness it isn’t a complication that someone needs. You can think of counting macros and tracking calories as similar to advanced weightlifting workouts – You’re not likely to benefit much from a weightlifting workout that is focused on the snatch if you cannot safely get your arms overhead.

You can think of your eating habits are akin to your lifting technique – most of us need consistent, coached practice to develop.

If you’re ready to commit to the Pro Coach course, and you’d like to be in that first group of 20, send Madoc an email no later than Friday, June 8th at 11:59PM. The first month will be at no charge, and then it is $39/Month for active members, $99/Month for the family members of active gym members, and $179/month for non-gym members.

Are you ready?