PR Day: 2000 M Row

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Class size is capped at 15, register online to save your spot. Please check your email inbox for more detail on this new policy. Questions? Please email me.

1) Weighted pullups 3 x 3-5 reps (try for 5 reps, if you get it – add weight next set. If not, stay @ same wt.)

2) Row 2000m – try for a PR!

If waiting for a rower, work on flexibility where YOU need it most.

2:40 in, Bruce Kocher talks about damper setting for the 2000 M. Avoid 10! 5:23 – 6:40, talks about what is a good time for men & women and he considers your bodyweight too. He also talks about pacing and stroke rate as well. Bruce is geeking out on this video. It’s good : )

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