PN Pro Coach – A Coach In Your Pocket

Xi XiaNutrition

I’m going to admit to a failure on the part of the coaches at Blue Ox Athletics. Try as we might, we’re not able to sit there on your shoulder everyday to give you advice on food choices and eating habits. I know that you’d appreciate that, but it’s a bit creepy 🙂 We’re generally limited to giving you advice and coaching when you’re at the gym and have our direct attention.

Pro Coach is designed to help you with developing your nutritional habits, with your everyday behavior. It’s able to do what the coaches cannot do, which is be on your shoulder everyday. It’s not just an automated system, either. Madoc will be on the other end, keeping track of your progress. If you have questions, you have Madoc’s ear. Likewise, Madoc will be asking you questions about your progress to better tailor your experience.

If you’re an active member of the gym, you have the added benefit of being able to ask Madoc questions directly. You might even get more clarity and guidance regarding how your physical training might better work for you.

Our aim is to better serve you and help you realize your goals. If your goals involve weight change, then eating habits and food choices play the biggest part in experiencing weight change!

We’ll be rolling out Pro Coach soon, and will have more information about the sign up process and some surprises tomorrow and Friday.