Perfect is an Illusion


“The person that said ‘practice makes perfect’ doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Perfect is an illusion created by people who always want to be disappointed in themselves. PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!!” – Zach Anner


We’re diving back into your shoulders! For those you who were here last year, right about now we would have been finishing our experiments with Sumo Deadlifts and Box Squats, and starting up on our awesome Snatch technique block. After the Snatch block, we dropped a bomb on your shoulders with the “Yoked Like a Gymnast” block.

Let’s go back down that rabbit hole again. In “Yoked Like a Gymnast, Part 1.A”, we’re going to take what we learned last year, and sprinkle in some “new” stuff.

The focus of this block will be to build you set of shoulders that are both sufficiently stable and mobile to not only survive everyday life, but to allow you to build on your overall athleticism.

We’re breaking the assessment up across several days, and we’re going to be running the assessment for the first two weeks of the block. This will ensure the most opportunity for members to participate in the block.

Day one is a pushing assessment. We’re going to determine if you can do what we term a “perfect” pushup on the floor, and if not, what is the necessary scale for you at the start? After establish that, you’ll be finding your 3 repetition maximum floor press. This will give us a good metric for your raw upper body strength. We finish the day one assessment with a 60 second Pushup AMRAP. This is to give you an idea of your strength stamina in a pushing movement.

Day two is all about the pullup. We’re going to figure out what sort of pullup style movement you’re capable of to start. Then we’re going to challenge you to find your 3RM weighted movement. For those of you who don’t have a pullup, we’re going to see how much you can row. We finish the day 2 assessment with another 60 second amrap.

Day three is a bit more complicated, and bit simpler. All we want to know is how your shoulders endure under load and complex movement. What better way to find this than a 10 minute Kettlebell Turkish Getup AMRAP?

It’s going to be up to you to keep track of your results and progress. You’re welcome to put your results up on the whiteboard for all to see. If you like, please ask one of the coaches write it up for you.

I’m going to write posts detailing each movement, and deeper details about why we chose them.

I’m going to leave you with a little YouTube gem.