Overhead Squat Workshop

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Lets face it; your overhead squat is ugly.

Your body is resilient and can deal with a bunch of poor positions, until one day it decides enough is enough. Some of you may get away with overhead squatting with internally rotated shoulders, overextended lumbar, collapsing knees and ankles, etc but odds of injury are drastically increased.

This movement is without a doubt more difficult than any other squat because of increased demands on ankle, hip, knee, and shoulder flexibility.

So what do you do when it shows up in a workout? Hide in the bathroom? Don’t come to class at all? Gasp! Yes, Im talking to you.

Instead of ignoring/dreading it, lets think critically about the way your body moves in order to correct it.

From our friend Kelley Starrett of San Fransisco Crossfit, here is a a great Overhead Head Squat (OHS) mobility test to check your current abilities.

Here’s another test that you can do at home to get you thinking about what’s really going on with your overhead squat.

After testing yourself and finding out what you already knew, what should you do about it? Well, there is a whole daunting laundry list that can be confusing to get started with.

Here is a video example of one tool that can improve your OHS.

I will be hosting a 1 hour overhead squat mobility workshop on Saturday, July 13th. We will work through a number of overhead squat specific mobility drills with the goal of improving position and hopefully making this movement “less ugly” for you.

Saturday July 13th, 11:00 – 12:00. Workshop size is limited to 8 participants, $15.

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