Our 3 Steps To Better Form

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We are half way through this tempo block of training and I’m very excited at what I’m seeing.

For many of you, this is a first exposure to tempo training. It makes me smile to see everyone’s great form while pushing yourselves in very difficult workouts.

This tempo training is also our plan to renew the emphasis that form is paramount.

When this block ends, we will be mixing in more traditional CrossFit workouts. This means for time and for score.

We have a 3 step plan to make sure that your form will be saved in those type of workouts.

1 – Coaches will repeat expectation on form before the workout starts.

2 – We expect you to train with those expectations in mind. Not the clock and not the score.

3 – As fatigue sets in and your form starts to deviate, we still be stepping in to correct those errors with tempo.

For example, if you don’t extend your hips on an air squat, you will be told to air squat with tempo.

For example, if your pushups on the floor are no longer pushups, you will be told to use a bench or elevated bar. And also tempo.

If all of these cues don’t affect change, you’ll be asked to stop for your own good.

Here is a video demonstration of what we mean.

Thank you for listening and I am excited to see everyone PR at the end of this very difficult block of tempo training!

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