One Day, 7 Hours, Jump Start

Xi XiaNews

At Crossfit Portland we are offering a new Jump Start option that’s quicker than the traditional 4 week program.

On Saturday, November 15th, we will be offering a 1-Day Jump Start workshop. It will run from 11 AM-6PM, including a 30-minute lunch and several smaller breaks throught the day.


This 1-Day version of our beginner class is intended to accomodate anyone who’s schedule makes attendance in our 4 week Jump Start difficult. The program is perfect for people with irregular schedules  or who travel frequently. It’s also great for anyone who just wants to get the ball rolling faster!

So what’s included?

We will begin by performing a series of mobility assesments on all participants. At Crossfit Portland, safety and injury prevention are one of our highest priorities. These assesments are intended to bring to light any movements that might potentially put certain individuals at greater risk for injury. We want to know right away if we need to modify or scale any of the material we will be covering.

This workshop will cover all of the fundamental barbell movements, including Back Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Strict Press, Push Press, Deadlifts,  and Olympic Lifting. We will cover proper technique and scaling for bodyweight movements such as pull-ups and pushups, as well as Kettlebells, rowing technique and more!

There are only 8 spots.  Sign up here!