Oh Rocky Mountain High!

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For Men, they must lift a barbell Ground to Overhead, in any way they wish, for 7000lbs.

The athletes are able to choose which weight they would like. Their options:
155 x 46 reps
135 x 52 reps
95 x 74 reps
75 x 94 reps

For the women, their choices break down to the following:
100 x 50 reps
85 x 59 reps
65 x 77 reps
55 x 91 reps

No matter which option the athlete chooses, they will all be trying to get the weight overhead, using Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Press, or Thruster. From Front Range CrossFit


Hanging hip circles (from bar)
1 walking lunge pass – alt btwn Sampson & lizzard. SLOW!
10 wrist pushups

Rocky Mountain Womens Finals

Rocky Mountain Mens Finals

Last few days have been exciting. Heather E. has been doing her first pull ups, strict style, over and over again! Lara is super close to her strict pull up…check back next week and I think she’ll have it. Des figured out she can almost back squat her BW and is focused on getting that milestone accomplished. Jay “Trainer” T. celebrated his 40th birthday in style and took on the NW Qualifer WOD. Jay finished it as prescribed under the 20 min cap. Hoping that I will be that strong when 40 rolls around 🙂

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