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Last day to sign up for the camp out is today! If you only want to come for a day or two, please email Rochelle.

5 rounds:
Run 400m
rest 10 sec
35 Double Unders
rest 2 min


1 trip each:
Blade walks
Instep walks
Heel walks
Achilles walks
Ball of foot walks
Lunge stretch

I took a video of Kaitlyn stringing in together a nice string of double unders. She is straight up down, not folding at the hips with every jump (don’t be Flipper, the talking dolphin), keeps her legs loose but springy, not wasting energy by kicking up her heels with every jump. She stays in one place, not turning, not spinning, not bouncing widely everywhere. One last thing for her to work on is consistent hand placement. You can see that on each jump, her hands move to a slightly different place in relation to her body. Overall, pretty smooth.

Next, we have Leah 🙂 She blazed on the run and did well on the doubles, however, could be much faster if she would get out of her comfort zone a bit. She is comfortable with double-single-double-single over and over. If you can do this sequence, you’ll be stuck here forever unless you challenge yourself to go for consecutive doubles. Yes, you might fail (many times at first) but I guarantee you’ll start stringing two, three, or more together eventually. One strategy is do 2 doubles, 1 single…get good at that, go to 3 doubles, 1 single, and etc.

The other thing I want to point out is her arms. It’s a short clip but you just might see how her arms shoot out away from her body as she does a double. This is a habit we need to break. Hold your arm out to the side for max time, now hold the same arm by your side. Which one felt easier? Same concept on doing a long sequence of doubles…the more your arms are away from you, the more unnecessary work you are doing just holding them up.

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  1. Fun WOD this morning. Untied shoes are not conducive to double unders…
    Total time: 18:02

  2. 18:25 for today.
    One thing about double-unders, if you mess up it typically takes about 10 seconds to get back in the groove. Besides not messing up, anyone have some suggestions how to recover quicker?

  3. Anybody get a picture of Brock’s war wound from box jumps last night? The man has shins of steel.

  4. From CF Polson:

    3 rounds for time:
    Run 800M (treadmill)
    25 DB Thrusters – 30#


  5. Not a great time this AM.
    25:06 – DUs for the first round, and then 100 backward singles for the second round, and then just straight 100 singles each round thereafter.

    We need to have a weekend seminar in double unders.

    you should check out my agility ladder skills!

  7. You’re going to post videos of double-unders, but not show Picasso? The true master of all that is double unders?

    Can we see a Mike double-under video?

  8. The undisputed Jedi master of double unders is the one and only Jake “Die Hard” McLain. He was taught by Buddy Lee himself.

  9. We’re going to need a Phantom camera–yes, on a jib–if we film Mike doing double-unders.

    What’s a Phantom camera? It’s the one used on “Planet Earth” to film the shark jumping out of the water.

    Watch in 720P.

    Then imagine the shark saying to the seal, “DON’T POINT YOUR TENTACLES AT ME!”

  10. Double-unders were no problem… strung together all 35 in the third round. My key is just getting in the groove and then keep your head forward, not looking at your feet.

    Wasn’t feeling that great so had to take it easy on the run part finished in something like 22″ or 25″, don’t remember

  11. Sept 1st WOD

    A1 push press 3 sets x 5 reps tempo
    A2 3 sets of 2 reps no foot rope climb


    10 min AMRAP 12 70# men/ 53# women (assuming) kb swings and 12 ring pushups

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