Get Going Before You Really Get Going

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The warm ups at Crossfit Portland have changed and gone is the 3-5 minute low intensity aerobic activity at the beginning of class.

Instead, we will be starting the guided, skill focused group warmup as soon as class starts. We’ll still run/row/rope, etc at times but just in a different format.

The purpose of the low intensity aerobic activity was to prepare the body for the guided training-specific preparation and the actual workout which follows.

The truth is we would love to take much longer for the warm up. A full warmup (including all of the components) may very well require 30-40 minutes!

In an hour class, a 30 minute warm up doesn’t leave much time to train! So, we will focus on mobility and movement prep in our warmups, as this is the main limitation and most bang-for-the-buck for nearly all of our members.

This doesn’t mean that the general warmup isn’t important or needed for everyone! I know some of you can barely carve an hour out of your day for class, but there are many others who do have a little more time available.

If you can get here a little early, I’d suggest you take a few minutes to roll out (only if needed), then get running, rowing, riding, jumping rope, versa-climbing to get warm before the class actually starts.

My biggest pet peeve is folks coming in to class and just standing and staring at the chalkboard waiting for class to start. Start moving!!!

Get on an available piece of equipment or go out for a jog and get warm. Or, maybe you need to get a round thru a mobility sequence before we start.

I know that in the evening (when classes are back to back) that your options may SEEM limited. However, warming up without a piece of equipment is easy to do!

Jumping jacks, bear crawls, crab walks, inch worms, stepping up and down on a box, etc. Anything that can be done easily and for a sustained period of time will get you warm.

Here are some of the benefits of a good warmup and why:

• To activate the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal hormones – mobilizing hormones and energy for the coming workloads.

• To stimulate the central nervous system – improving speed, reactions, and activation of the muscles.

• To increase deep core body temperature – this allows maximum power output

• To increase muscle elasticity – allowing for greater mobility and benefit from any movement work that follows.

Take your warmup seriously and better results will follow!

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