Misty Nikula, 71st in the world wide CrossFit Open, Masters 45-49


Misty is my oldest client. And by OLDEST, I mean she has been with me the longest…just wanted to clarify that right off the bat. When you work with someone long enough, you get to crack jokes like that (I think…).

Here is a sub 2:24 interview Xia Xi did with Misty and I. If your Fran time is under 2:24, I understand you are busy and wouldn’t have time for this.

This year she placed 71st in the CrossFit Open in the Women’s Masters 45-49 year old division. That’s 71st in the WORLD. That puts her in the top 1.15% of all competitors her age. Betcha didn’t know you had a superstar in your midst, huh?

This placement is an improvement on last year’s, despite her division being larger than ever. In addition to that, Misty overcame a number of personal challenges this year.

In early May of 2014, she broke her collarbone while umpiring a varsity baseball game.

This obviously limited the amount of upper body work she could do (as in, zero on that side), as well as any traditionally loaded lower body work (she could not place a bar on her shoulders for any sort of squatting, and could not deadlift for fear of her arm ripping-out-of-the-damn-socket).

In spite of these limitations, Misty persevered. We were able to get creative with her programming; she did a lot of single arm work (which preserved the strength on her injured side quite well, actually!), “uniquely loaded” lower body movements (such as standing on two boxes and loading plates onto a weight belt around her waist in order to squat), and aerobic movements that didn’t require her left arm (Hello, single arm airdyning!).

In addition to her injury, she moved to Portland in November and dealt with all the challenges that come with changing cities – getting a house, starting a new job, finding new friends, negotiating PDX traffic. And yet, she still kept training hard, and never took her eye off the ball.

Ironically enough, after breaking her collarbone, her best event in the Open this year was the one that included muscle-ups! And although that event was her best, Misty’s biggest asset as an athlete is her well roundedness.

Both naturally, and by design through her training, there are not many things that make her go “Oh, shit” when they show up in competition. As has been said ad nauseum, competitive CrossFit is not about being the best at any one thing, but about being good at many things, without having any glaring weaknesses.

We are always working to fill in any gaps in her game, and her consistent placements across Open events are a testament to this.

Because she was in the top 200 worldwide, Misty gets to move on to the Masters Qualifier round. This will be several events (last year it was four) done between April 24th-27th at CrossFit Portland. The top 20 women after that round advance to the CrossFit Games.

Last year, she was able to move up substantially from her Open placement during the Qualifier round, so we are hoping to do that again! You can be assured that as usual, Misty will show great determination and give a tremendous effort to her training leading up to that weekend. Give her a high five the next time you see her in the gym!