Level 2 OPT CCP Life Coaching Course

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I recently attended this course and it may seem a little outside the realm of strength, conditioning, and health. In reality, it’s very relevant on several levels. Today, I’ll share a nugget of what we learned.

Lifestyle factors are often THE MAIN reason for less than optimal health, trumping bad diet and exercise habits. Lifestyle factors also can be the number one enemy to quick recovery between workouts, therefore slowing your fitness gains.

Finding balance in your life will allow you the best foundation from which to build health or fitness.

One of the many tools you can use to assess your life for balance comes from “The Mature Mind” by Cohen, 2005.

In this exercise, you’ll draw a 4 quadrant diagram. The left side will be group activities, the right solo activities. In the top half will be high energy/mobility things you do, the bottom half will be low energy/mobility.

Energy and Mobility do not mean the same in this context as the way we would refer to it in our physical training. Both terms are subjective and the diagram above is a good guide to figuring out what those two terms mean for you.

Fill in all of your regular activities into each of the four quadrants. Once you are done, you should have a similar number of activities in each of the 4 quadrants.

If you don’t, then this may indicate your life my benefit from trying to spend a little more time doing things in whatever quadrant(s) you were deficient in.

Below is an example of my chart so you can have a reference as to what this might look like. You’ll look not only for a balance in number of activities in each quadrant, but also overall time spent in each.

As you can see, I look fairly balanced with 2-3 things in each area However, if we look at how much time I spend in each quadrant over a given week, then a different picture emerges.

For example, in the upper left quadrant, I only coach classes 2 hours per week and seminars/workshops I attend infrequently. I could benefit from finding some more time in this area to achieve overall balance, perhaps by adding a new activity.

Chart this out for yourself and see what you find!

Remember, lifestyle factors are often THE MAIN reason for less than optimal health and also can be the number one enemy to quick recovery between workouts. Finding your right balance can be the best foundation from which to build from.

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