This Part Four of our series about Kylee Wegner, one of Coach Madoc’s private clients. They’ve been working on rebuilding Kylee after a fairly serious back injury last December. Read more about Kylee’s progress here, here, and here.

Today we’re going to look into some of Kylee’s thoughts on his training progression and programming.

In the last installment, we looked at why unliateral movements were being used in Kylee’s programming. In addition to unliateral week in the first six weeks of programming, Kylee was also tasked with some fairly intense multi round bodywieght movement circuits.

Central to all of these, be it a simple pushup, or crawling, or pulling a sled or pushing a prowler, is proper abdominal tension to produce a braced, neutral spine.

Here’s some of what Kylee has had to say about some of the workouts from the first few weeks.

Day One, Week One: First Workout. A 4 round circuit of 10 body weight movements, then a superset of floor presses, strict pullups, and Kettlebell swings, finished off with a 1/2 bodyweight backwards sled drag set.

“This was my first session in the gym and it went very well. I certainly underestimated how intensely I would be working on arms and the wet noodles dangling from my torso agree to that. Overall I felt that the pacing and the amount of reps was just out of reach which is exactly what i’m looking for.”

Day Three, Week Two: Simplicity.
A: HH Prowler Push, 6x40m, R3′
B: BW Sled Drag, 4x40m, R2′.

“I am now convinced that crossfit really drives to keep me sore everyday of the week. Whether we focus on upper body or lower body the following day, I can swear I was hit by a train.

That being said, I wanted to point out the simplicity of todays workout. Rather than training a variety of movements with a focused muscle group, we trained a variety of muscle groups with one focused movement.”

Day Three, Week Three: Wheelchair

A: 5 rounds, steady pace
Shuttle Run 5/10/15m
20 Stall Bar High Knees
15 Pushups
10 Abwheel
5 Dips
B: 4 rounds, steady pace
3 Strict Chinups @ 51×2
5/5 1 arm DB Push Press to Windmill
10 28in Box Jumps
15/15 Wall Runs
C: 3 rounds, for time
40m BW Sled Drag
40m Run
5 30″ Box Jumps

“When looking at todays workout I knew I would be wiped upon completion. Unfortunately, all my fantasies came true. Is there a wheelchair here at the gym that I could borrow? But honestly I really enjoy the versatile workouts that I’m getting each day I come in.”

We’re about 10 weeks in now. Kylee’s workouts have started to involve Back Squats, Deadlifts, and other barbell movements.

On a related note, Kylee is now strong enough to Push Press his own bodyweight overhead. We didn’t find this out with a barbell. We found this out with Luke, who is the same weight as Kylee (about 155-160#). This video is from this past Monday night.